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Kenes Exhibitions was founded in 1994 on the basis of more than 30 years of highly successful activity of its founders and key personnel in marketing and management of trade fairs and exhibitions. Kenes Exhibitions offers its extensive professional knowhow and outstanding, proven capability to trade show and professional event organizers worldwide. Our expertise encompasses the organization and management of leading trade shows in telecommunications, electro-optics, microelectronics, biotechnology, agricultural technology, security and other high-tech and traditional industries.
Brightstar Group

BrightStar Group are experts in anything related with developing and penetrating new markets in the Aerospace field. Due to their knowledge of the market, numerous companies relay on BrightStar to perform technology, innovation and partnership scouting for them around the world. Brighstar’s team identifies new opportunities and technologies to be exploited and also develops the strategies and processes to secure successful positions in the market while improving the performance of existing operations. Thanks to its proven track record and solid reputation in the Aerospace field, BrightStar has been appointed by the Israeli Ministry of Economy to manage the IAMF (Israel Aerospace Manufacturing Federation). ¬†BrightStar organized Aerosupply Israel 2012 and 2013 and this International event has become a major event of the Aerospace Israeli industry which is a joint initiative of BrightStar and the Israeli Manufacturers Association, as well as leading international players of the Aerospace Industry. ¬†Due to the tremendous success of the previous Aerosupply Israel events, BrightStar, in partnership with Kenes Exhibitions are organizing the 2014 event in India.