Fairly simple and accurate way of estimating the revenue you’ll generate after an appearance at a trade show is based on real statistics provided by your sales department. Measuring the amount of the revenue for your company from a trade show can be very difficult. The results can lead to sales and brand success sometimes months, or even years.

Usually the companies are using 4-steps measurement strategy which includes: 1) revenue generated, 2) cost savings, 3) customer-relationship management, and 4) promotion impact at the show, but in the field of government defense this measurement doesn’t work.

Here are the most common reasons companies attend our event, conference and exhibition “Defence & Aerosupply India”.

  • 63% Promote Company capabilities & awareness
  • 51% Introduce of new products
  • 46% Get sales leads from new prospects
  • 36% Get sales leads from existing customers
  • 21% Generate immediate sales orders
  • 20% Improve/maintain PR

Here’s what our clients have to say about us: